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300 Years of Yangzhou Painting and Calligraphy, Special Exhibition and International Conference

4 April 2019

The theme of the Yangzhou School painting held in  Yanghzhou is Yangzhou School becoming one of the most significant artistic schools during Qing dynasty.


12 scholars made presentations to the 86 attendees who included government officials and museum leaders from China, France and USA. After the conference, all the paintings are exhibited to public for two weeks.


This exhibition and conference is the first comprehensive exhibition of works by the Yangzhou group, spanning 300 years from the early Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, and giving a full picture of their style. The exhibition and conference “300 years of Yangzhou Calligraphy and Painting” added more ample discussion and research to the field. It acted as an ideal platform, facilitating communication between people in the industry, and providing an excellent opportunity for art historians, museum professionals and other experts and academics to study together. 



Co-organised by Hanford Art Ltd

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